The best free museums in Europe

Best free museums
The best free museums in Europe

European continent is full of wonderful monuments and historic sites that inspire visitors from many countries. Museum is one of the best ways to show the traces of different histories that were happening through the continent.

Many European museums have their entrance free, but some of them are paid. This is because of the level of insight that they keep. This article is talking about some of the best free museums in Europe.

What are the best free museums in Europe

  •  Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Situated in Paris, capital of France, this museum shows ancient and modern arts, made by hundreds of talented artists. It keeps more than 100 000 cultural works that are available for free visits. Sculpture, paintings, photographs are among the best works that decorate the museum. 

  • Museo del Prado

This museum is located in central Madrid. It is one of the most famous tourism attractions in Spain which serves as a treasure of many finest collections of Europe. It is included in the list of most visited sites in the world and the greatest art museums.

This touristic site encompasses thousands of old objects such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, and historic documents. The admission is free in the evening for everyone who wants visit the museum. 

  • Florence Nightingale Museum

Located in central London, in England, this museum is for understanding the story of the lady Florence Nightingale who is the founder of modern nursing in United Kingdom.

The museum tells more about her legacy and her biography. The museum is open every day with free entrance. So everyone has free access to visit this interesting site while traveling in London. 

  • Berardo Collection Museum

This is a big treasure trove of American and European fine arts of the 20th century. It is located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The museum includes modern and contemporary arts designed by super talented artists. It is really interesting but everyone who visits Lisbon can visit it for free. 

  • Stadsarchief

This is an interesting museum of Amsterdam in Netherlands. It gives more information about old days of the city. It is the best way to conserve the painting documents related to municipal and national government of Amsterdam.

It has a very important role in Netherlands. In addition, Stadsarchief also serves as a house of innumerable works of arts of the city. You should not miss to discover this free museum while visiting Amsterdam.

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